27. Surge of the soul

Heloo kawan?.. ehm.. udh berapa bulan nih aku gak update blog.. ampek tampak basi banget blog aku... nih kebetulan banget bisa ngeblog, mau berbagi puisi nih kawan kawan.. di baca yah??

Shortness of breath chest tightness fears
Daylight luminous night whispered danger
Pervasive feeling tense memories
Sore chest cavity disturbed shock

Nature does not looked silently in pain
Wander in reverie helpless
Wisdom is weak in affluent suppressed bile
Bad breath noisily kissed daydreams drug

In the troubled heart trouble smiling lips
Cheer the hearts of the world awaits before the funeral
Away the life line of the left body
Haunting darkness lurking sense of life

Pinned at the throat dry breath flagging
Calm the inner heart tremble senduh
Gripping the pulse count remaining life
Formations hunch calculate the remaining life

Summoned the stakeholders over the nature of inheritance
tuck the end of the message without the tears
Goods waiting for death stunned tip Lida
Briefly seize the bodies of your time conversion
Temperament, realize forgiveness you will die
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